A Clean Guide to Uncle Bob’s Work

Introducing our guide through Uncle Bob's legacy. Dive into Agile, Clean Code, and Software Craftsmanship.


Bringing MasterBorn Back to the Nashville Business Scene

A dynamic duo is reshaping Nashville business in the heart of the city, and their story is nothing short of inspiring.


Understanding the Difference Between Quality Assurance and Software Testing

How to distinguish quality assurance from software testing? Explore the nuances of their roles and impact on product delivery.


8 Must-Have Soft Skills for Product Designers

Discover the hidden power of soft skills in product design. Learn how translating ideas and understanding business values can elevate your career.


Website vs. Web App: 8 Key Differences

Are websites and web apps really that different? Find the digital strategy that fuels your business growth from sleek simplicity to interactive power.


Building Trust in Quality Assurance Specialists in Projects: A 6-Step Guide

Learn from our guide how to build trust in Quality Assurance Specialists within projects with clear communication, involvement, and other crucial steps.

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Discover the Top Gallup CliftonStrength Talents on Our Teams

Explore the power of strengths-based development at MasterBorn. How do the tale differ between Tech and Product Teams?


9 Top Product Design Tools To Simplify Your Workday

MasterBorn's Design Team suggests top product design tools for streamlined workflows and enhanced creativity. Design smarter with our popular picks.


The 10 Top Innovative Sports Tech Startups You Should Know

Introducing the 10 game-changing Sports Tech startups. Dive into AI-driven coaching, real-time analytics, and innovative solutions reshaping the industry!


Handling Snapshots with PostgreSQL's Cursor-Based Pagination

Enhance PostgreSQL speed with cursor-based pagination, background tasks, and effective data management techniques.


5 Key Elements to Get Started as a Quality Assurance Specialist

Discover the recommended paths, essential requirements, and must-have certifications to launch yourself into the world of software testing and quality control.


Stepping Up Your Game: Overcoming the 9 Characteristics of a Poor Coder from a CTO Perspective

Learn about the common features of poor coders from a CTO’s point of view and discover how to improve your development skills and career prospects.

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