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Gray Skinner - MasterBorn CEO
Dedicated to Creating Effective, High-Performing Teams

My unique trajectory as an In-house Attorney, Chief of Staff, COO, CEO, and now as an Owner/CEO of MasterBorn allows me to see my clients' needs from all sides. My passion has always been for building high-performing teams. My ultimate goal is to take my clients' projects to the next level by delivering the highest quality work on time with impeccable communication.

Gray Skinner

MasterBorn CEO

Radosław Paklikowski - MasterBorn COO
Our master team is your company's secret weapon

Since 2013, I have helped numerous American companies develop their products. My priority is building a positive community with top-quality specialists. Prominent American investors have trusted me to develop their ideas and build teams to execute their vision.

Radosław Paklikowski

MasterBorn COO

Przemysław Królik - MasterBorn CTO
Let’s go serverless

I’m a jack-of-all-trades but a Master in backend technology! I lead a team based on DevOps methodology and oversee projects as an experienced architect of highly-scalable and easily-manageable, serverless applications. As a natural problem-solver, I thrive in fast-paced startup environments. It is important in my role as CTO to maintain a “helicopter view” of how our business and team are managed. And yes, I definitely hope to get my helicopter license one day!

Przemysław Królik

MasterBorn CTO

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Clear purpose allows people and organizations to fully engage and achieve excellence.


We foster team growth, learn from experiences, and adapt continuously.


Through reflection and response, we accept, empathize, and promote open expression.


We concentrate on top priorities, remain focused, and say 'no' to potential distractions.

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