Bringing MasterBorn Back to the Nashville Business Scene

A dynamic duo is reshaping Nashville business in the heart of the city, and their story is nothing short of inspiring.
Weronika Pietrucha

Weronika Pietrucha

Feb 25, 2024 | 2 min read

Bringing MasterBorn Back to the Nashville Business Scene

Picture this: a CEO returns to his Nashville roots and goes into business with a high school buddy and entrepreneur turned VP of Growth. They're gearing up to make waves in the U.S. business scene. Welcome to MasterBorn's next chapter with our CEO, Gray Skinner, and VP of Growth, Morgan Miller, duo, establishing MasterBorn in Nashville and beyond!

Nashville as the Launchpad

Why Nashville? The decision to establish MasterBorn in Nashville is not arbitrary. This place holds a special place in both Gray Skinner's and Morgan Miller’s hearts. It's a city with a rich history, a vibrant culture and a growing business scene. Having shared their high school days in Nashville, these two entrepreneurs reunited in their hometown with a shared vision for success.

Gray Skinner and Morgan Miller Credit: Virginia Callen

By anchoring MasterBorn in Nashville, the duo aims to expand their global reach while contributing to the city's entrepreneurial spirit, and Nashville's economy. The plan is to open an office in 2024 in addition to the current offices in Poland and add new people to MasterBorn’s 130-person team.

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The Vision Behind MasterBorn

MasterBorn is not just another business venture. It manifests a shared vision between Gray Skinner and the COO, Radek Paklikowski, now fueled by Morgan Miller’s perspective. They set the goal right from the beginning — they didn’t want just another software house but to help companies in the U.S. build their software faster and more efficiently. This was a real problem, and they have been working on a solution step by step.

Now, their vision goes beyond software development, executing product development roadmaps from the beginning of the idea. They aim to carve a niche for MasterBorn in Nashville and beyond, bringing innovation and excellence to the forefront. Whether through their business strategies, community initiatives, or commitment to quality, the vision behind MasterBorn reflects a commitment to making a positive impact.

Get to know the bigger picture behind bold decisions, a high school friendship, and a visionary CEO — shaping MasterBorn's uniqueness in countless ways.

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