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Enterprise SaaS product for Fortune 500 clients, focused on information security

A business intelligence tool to help companies ditch spreadsheets and discover better ways to manage security.

Tentacle system screenshot
Tentacle system screenshot


  • React
  • Node.js
  • Amazon AWS
  • PostgreSQL


  • 05.2020 - Ongoing

Our Team

  • 4 Frontend Developers
  • 4 Backend Developers
  • Tech Lead
  • QA Specialist
  • Proxy Product Owner
  • Scrum Master

Business Challenge

Every company has its own security policy. They have it in many different formats — spreadsheets, text documents, internal platforms, etc. And that's ok. The problem comes when companies decide to cooperate. It becomes time-consuming and inefficient to match the security requirements from every side. Texas-based startup Tentacle has created a universal information platform (including a set of defined questions) to unify security policies between companies.

Creating meaningful products is what we do.

What we did

Scope of work

  • Architecture design icon

    Architecture Design

    Building the product.

  • Web development icon

    Web Development

    Creating scalable and flexible software.

  • Quality assurance icon

    Quality Assurance

    Making sure the product is secure, cost-efficient and fully serverless.

  • Project management icon

    Project Management

    Guiding the product lifecycle.

Our Goal

Our goal was to develop meaningful and intuitive software to support the information security assessment process.

Tentacle banner - system screenshots

Our work

  • Laptop with React and Node.js logos

    Tentacle was our first big project. Our task was to create the architecture design from scratch. That gave us total discretion to make our own decisions, but at the same time, it was a huge responsibility. We engaged both backend (Node.js) and frontend (React) developers to create the main application and the administration panel.

  • Agile scrum icon

    Throughout the project, we split complex tasks into manageable sprints using the Agile Scrum methodology. Our team worked closely with a Tentacle product owner to deliver small but firm features that real users could test. Through this iterative process, we had to find a balance between fast and perfect.

  • Growth icon

    With a solid foundation of trust and clarity, we not only worked for Tentacle, but also learned and grew alongside them. We had the freedom to use our own methods to form teams and constantly improve our sprints. We deliver results. On time.

What We Did

Main app

    Algorithm icon

    Algorithmic challenges (relationships between questions)

    Models icon

    Planning the architecture and models for a large application

    Modular monolith icon

    Modular monolith, CQRS

Tentacle Question Panel screenshots
  • Tentacle Quick Assessment panel screenshot
  • Tentacle Sign In screenshots
  • Tentacle Subscription Models screenshot
  • Tentacle Question Panel screenshot
What we did

Main app

    Algorithm icon

    Original algorithms

    for calculating statistics and the level of company's profile advancement (“How risky is your company's activity?”)

    Authentication icon

    Authorization, authentication, and user management

    Payment icon

    Stripe subscription model

    Questions icon

    Security questions

What we did

Admin panel

Managing questions and users

Tentacle Admin Panel screenshot

Tentacle is the client that trusts us and believes in us. We got a great team and a lot of independence to set our process the way it works for us.

This makes it the best project that I've been working on so far!

PPO Magda Respondek avatar
Magda Respondek

MasterBorn PPO with +10 years of experience

The Outcome

We created a customizable data management platform that supports companies in strengthening their data security program. But our work isn't done yet. We're continuously supporting Tentacle in their product development. We're able to implement new features or respond to market changes very quickly.

Tentacle live web app icon

Live web application

Open live site →

Tentacle companies icon

300+ companies using the platform

Tentacle investors icon

Investors who strongly appreciate the system

What We Learned

While this project may sound perfect, there were times when it wasn't. From the beginning, we knew that Tentacle was an important and very exciting project. That's why we focused too much on the initial phase of the project. We wanted everything to be perfect and it took us way too long to show any progress or first features to the client. Thankfully, instead of looking for a culprit, we realized that it's ok to see errors on the demo, it shows that we're working through complex challenges and that we're human. It's not real to keep everything on point. Big lesson learned — better done than perfect.

Our partnership with MasterBorn has far exceeded my expectations and continues to do so every day.

Our teams began our journey from a mere scratch pad and are now iterating on a best-in-class enterprise software. Our journey in getting here has only been possible through the impenetrable foundation of trust we have developed between our teams.

Tentacle CEO Matt Combs avatar
Matt Combs

Tentacle Founder & CEO

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