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Motivational tool for learning how to code

A tool that helps aspiring developers gain new skills and prepare for a career in IT.

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  • React
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon AWS + SES


  • 04-08.2019

Our Team

  • 1 Frontend Developer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • 1 Backend Developer
  • Proxy Product Owner / Scrum Master

Business Challenge

Every IT team reaches a point where one project finishes, and the team waits for a new assignment. But does it have to be a waste of time? Not at all. We don't stand still. Instead, we seek exciting side projects to launch. One of them is Motivpark.A while back, our COO, Radosław Paklikowski, had an idea to launch a motivational product to help people learn foreign languages. We built on that idea and adapted it to make it about learning to code. But how do you motivate people? Money motivates people, especially if it's being taken away... We decided to go with it! The idea was that if you don't make daily progress on a freeCodeCamp platform, you get a mild punishment. For every day you don't work on learning code, the platform charges your card on file. It's as simple as that.

Creating meaningful products is what we do.

What we did

Scope of work

  • Web development icon

    Web Development

    Creating manageable and accessible software.

  • Product Design icon

    Product Design

    Assuring the best user experience.

Our Goal

Development of a tool that makes it easier for people, who are typically quite busy, to efficiently learn how to code.

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What we did

App Development

    Authentication icon

    Authorization & Authentication

    Progress icon

    Calculation of User's progress (on freeCodeCamp)

What we did

  • Document icon

    Automatic OpenAPI documentation

  • Tests icon

    Convenient functional API tests

  • Blocks icon

    Planning the architecture and models

What we did

UX & UI Design

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What We Did

    Plugin icon

    Integration with the freeCodeCamp API

    Stripe icon

    Integration with Stripe

    Mailing system icon

    Integration with the mailing system

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Despite the fact that it was an internal project, I felt like I was working on a regular one. There were the same rituals and rules as in client projects, so I didn't feel like I was without a team.

Backend Developer Fabian Grajko avatar
Fabian Grajko

MasterBorn Backend Developer

The Outcome

We created a great motivational tool that allows you to learn job-ready skills from anywhere, anytime. This side project allowed us to learn and grow. We don't just sit on the beach, we stay engaged and motivated.

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Live website

Laptop bulb and tool icon

Engaging and meaningful internal side project

Tool icon

New tools for better testing and documentation

Talking about the internal initiatives we are working on at MasterBorn makes me tremendously proud.

Motivpark, being one of them, allowed those who were temporarily catching their breath from commercial projects to stay in the game. These projects let us test new solutions and technologies, share knowledge, and grow as a team.

CTO Przemek Królik avatar
Przemysław Królik

CTO MasterBorn

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