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All-in-one tool instantly capturing screenshots and screen recordings

A simple product that allows you to upload files, images and screencasts rapidly across multiple devices.

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  • React
  • Node.js
  • Serverless


  • 2.5 years

Our Team

  • 5 Frontend Developers
  • DevOps
  • 3 Backend Developers
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Scrum Master

Business Challenge

Screenshots allow us to catch the moment. To seize and keep a digital second before it fades away. They're actually one of the most powerful tools on the internet, wouldn't you agree? It's just a simple gesture that we take for granted. But there are plenty of free and paid options for capturing images and recordings available on the market. How to stand out in the face of such fierce competition? Droplr proposes a low-cost, subscription-based solution that makes it simple to take screenshots or screen recordings. It automatically saves to the cloud with a link stored in the dashboard. This intuitive tool allows you to copy and paste it to anyone (via email or private message), even with personalized notes. All the screenshots are saved to the Droplr cloud account where you can view them anytime!

Creating meaningful products is what we do.

What we did

Scope of work

  • Web development icon

    Web Development

    Creating scalable and flexible software.

  • Product design icon

    Product Design

    Redesigning the Droplr dashboard.

  • Project management icon

    Project Management

    Introducing the Agile Scrum methodology.

Our Goal

Development of an intuitive tool which improves visual communication and boosts team efficiency.

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Our work

  • CI CD icon

    Droplr is a simple tool. But, as the saying goes, genius lies in simplicity. By unifying the tech stack we assured high availability for the system and brought back its stability. We introduced continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) and implemented procedures in case of unexpected incidents.

  • Dashbord redesign laptop icon

    We ensured that Droplr's dashboard is intuitive and easy to use by redesigning it. We made it feasible to share work or feedback with anyone using only a link and a preview screen.

  • Scrum icon

    What's more, to make this project even more effective, we arranged the development team around the Agile Scrum methodology.

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What we did

App Development

    Cloud icon

    Web app

    Desktop icon

    macOS and Windows app

    Smarthpone icon

    iOS and Android app

What we did

  • Hexagon icon

    Complete rewrite of the old Java API and other into Node.js using AWS serverless tech

  • React icon

    Complete rewrite of the old Ruby on Rails/Backbone.js client web app into React

What We Did

Plugins & Integrations Development

    Browser icon

    Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

    Communication platform icon

    Slack and Microsoft Teams plugins

    Gear icon

    Zapier integration

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What we did

UX & UI Design

  • Dashboard and side panel with comments for Droplr

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  • Strategy icon

    Strategy and marketing

  • Research icon

    Research and analytics

  • Tests icon


I started my real IT product-focused journey at Droplr. I've spent my time searching for the best solutions to UX puzzles, brainstorming with the team, and actively absorbing both new knowledge and insights from the clients. Being part of such a supportive team where we considered every idea, helped me to develop really quickly.

Head of Product Design Dominik Ziarno avatar
Dominik Ziarno

MasterBorn Head of Product Design

The Outcome

We made the lives of the developers working on the project so much easier with all the fancy CI/CD, local docker-compose and a unified tech stack. We also introduced a few breaking features to the system (like boards letting users organize their files). We put up a fantastic experience for all Droplr users with a handy dashboard that allows them to keep track of all their assets.

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A tool that’s faster and more intuitive for users

Five million icon

A tool that allowed 5 million users to create and share 2.2 billion screenshots and screen recordings

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We helped Droplr increase it's value

From Droplr to MasterBorn

Story time! Did you know that for MasterBorn it all started... back in 2017 at Droplr? MasterBorn owners, Gray and Radek, met while working at Droplr. Gray, as CEO, was in charge of the company's development and funding rounds. After a while, the Droplr board decided to open an office in Poland. Radek built a team of highly skilled developers from scratch and later prepared the company for sale. In 2019, the board of directors closed a multi-million dollar sale. And then... Gray and Radek decided to start a new chapter with MasterBorn.

Droplr is not only a great product. It's also a great team.

I met top-notch professionals there who were committed to their ongoing development and the project's success. Droplr is also the beginning of MasterBorn. We had the great privilege to begin our growth with the best team hungry for growth and new challenges.

COO Radek Paklikowski avatar
Radosław Paklikowski

COO MasterBorn

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Let's build disruptive

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